Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! It's been an awesome year full of friends and excitement!

2012-02-20 Almost Home!!

Hooray for Da Beach!!! :p

2012-02-14 Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone, even if you happen to be the cheese this year :)

2012-02-06 Hooray Panama!

Soooo It turns out that there's some construction down this way :p All in all I had a pretty good time for the thirty or so hours we were here. The cabbies are a bit scary, so if you ever come down here, remember that you are *way* better off traveling on foot. Just remember to stop and ask for directions, as often as possible :D

2012-02-04 We're there!!

The video still has a few hours left to make it to shore, so It will come out tomorrow, but we had a great transit, and we're all tied up on the Pacific ocean side now :)
Fun trivia fact, this blarg holds the current record for most outfit changes in a blarg ever!! :D

Almost there!

Aight everyone!! You can track us through the canal either on our webcam website, or this cool page that has auto refresh:
Just search for 'oceanus' in the "go to vessel" box, the pilot should be here soon, we're still anchored just south of the canal entrance :D

2012-02-03 Woooot! We're almost to the canal!!

Sooo, if anyone has a copy of the Fall 2003 Laker Log (alumni newsletter for Lake Superior State University) you should send me a shot of the cover! It's one that has me swimming in a pool with the LSSU underwater robot. I so forgot to bring it (I'm just now discovering) They put pictures on the back cover of folks who have brought their laker log to places around the world.

They also have a contest for 'furthest away check in' which I *won't* be winning (Thanks a *lot* Kirsten Steinfeldt '96Prague, Czech Republic, 4220.65 miles, your time will come!) :p

Other than that, we've just been bouncing around keeping an eye out for Pyrates, I mean, We're in the carribean after all :D We're going to be anchored up for most of saturday and heading into the Panama Canal saturday afternoon. You can watch us on the OSU oceanus webcam page and on the Panama Canal webcams:
Wooot!!! I'm going around the world!!! (a little, little bit :p)
And there really *is* a blarg post here!!

P.S. Funny story, because of the 'wiggle' of Panama, we actually travel from west to east to get from the Atlantic to the Pacific. (Largely north to south, but yeah, also west to east).

2012-01-31 More Cables!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the survey!!! (and I know who you are you one person ;) We've mostly been running more cables and hooking up our data acquisition odds and ends, but OH WAIT!!! What About That Tornado!!!!!!

2012-01-27 Out-Of-This-World!

Woot! We're at sea!! (After a *ton* of hard work) it's six days to the Panama Canal (ish), you can track us on the new oceanus webcam site:
R.V. Oceanus
The map is up now and the image should start rolling tomorrow :) Be sure to respond to the Poll at the end of this one, I want to know what *everyone* thinks :D

2012-01-20 Woot Catchup!

Longest Blarg *Ever*!! Got some hot coco!

2012-01-17 Live Cam From The Oceanus!

I've got a lot of boxes to move, Watch me go :)

2012-01-11 Woot! Back again!

Here I thought my life was about to get boring :p I was hoping to be in Corvallis for a while so I could work on a few things (like a really swanky car my friends are making), but I'm headed out again. I'm a bit busy these days, so you *may* notice a slight lack of editing... :p The secret ingredient is still *Love* though, 'alot' of it :D So don't pick on me tooo hard :D :D

2011-12-22 Hooray For Early Christmas!

Some families just can't wait :D

2011-12-20 Woot Caught Up :)

The road trip was fun and picture-esque, also, people aren't wearing enough hats.. :p

2011-12-18 Actual Update!

Woot to catching up :D This one is going straight to the website, let me know if that doesn't work for you for any reason :) And don't forget to write back :D
Here's the gallery!

2011-12-18 Busy Weekend!

Sooooooo, it's been a crazy busy weekend, but sadly that means that I simply haven't the time to compose a full update :( I'm throwing in a picture of the *Awesome* friendsgiving, and one of Steph, Toby, and I at the race, and I'll have to get composing tomorrow :)
In the meanwhile, I would strongly suggest my brothers blarg,
He's just about to start an awesome trip to India, and it looks like his preparations are off to a good start :D

2011-12-15 Pumping up the car!

Got 'lil squeaker a but touched up (oh! I replaced the antenna mast and that didn't make it into the blarg, it blows me away, but corvallis has radio stations!!!) omg!! :p
Todays random writeback question is:
What's the most awkward thing that you've ever given/gotten?
I'm dropping off some gifts for Rachels parents tomorrow, and I can't decide whether or not I'd prefer that they were there. (not that I have a lot for choices):p

2011-12-13 Run for the groceries!

Hey there everyone :D
Today has a gallery.
Because the jogging pics were awesome, and thanks to me schmancy new droid you can check the route here.
(Phew! It doesn't show the time/speed :p )
Have a great day!

2011-12-11 Speedy Carbon Fiber :)

Morning Everyone!
This weekend was *awesome* :D Hanging with the solar car team was great, and Stephanie and I had an Epic (and epically scenic) training run :D
Here are the time lapse videos from the solar car work on Friday and Saturday.
Hope you're all headed into a great day!

2011-12-10 Special Extra Specialness!

Watch the OSU Solar Car Team (including me!) build the body for our car live on our webcam!

2011-12-08 Woot Update!

I've managed to get kidnapped, and I've actually released a gallery with this one :)

2011-12-08 Special extra, extra special update :)

Just to make up for missing a day, here's a special update I did for the guys at work. One of the other ships that we work on does weekly updates which are mostly about the status of the equipment on the vessel, with a focus on current problems, here's ours :)

2011-12-06 Wagons East!

I had an awesome road trip to see my friend Jody, and had some fun over at the ship :)

2011-12-01 Back Home! And a Trip North!

It's so good to be back where things don't rock, and I don't have to wedge myself into my bed :D This is the most picture-ful blarg ever :D

2011-11-29 Alllllmost Back To da Beach!!!

We've run out of OBS' to deploy and we're headed home :) We're going a little slow so that we can run by a broken buoy during daylight and then it's back to the dock :D
Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!

2011-11-27 Run For The Cups!

I went for an awesome jog today, if you want to see what life is like on the Wecoma, This is it:
The Wecoma Uphill Mile
I compressed it for your viewing pleasure :)
I also got all the cups mashed!! Oh! And my car got in the blarrging spirit and submitted this awesome post about the..interesting people who have been borrowing it in my absence :)
A Squeakers Tale
Have a car-tastic day!!

2011-11-24 Happy Leftover Friday!

We had a pretty good thanksgiving out here (outside of it being too stormy to work).. We had 70 knot winds for a while, and waves to match. I put a few videos up, the best one is here:
And I'm keeping the cruise spreadsheet updated for those of you (such as myself) who are eagerly awaiting my return to shore :D

2011-11-22 Late breaking waves!! (I mean news!)

Well we spent most of a day waiting around for the weather to get better, but it made for a good video!
Then (after some hiccups) we deployed an OBS:
And we're off to our next station!
Hope everyone is having a great day!

P.S. I also put in a reference to a classic:

P.P.S. I'm also keeping the spreadsheet updated as stations change and as the times for different deployments average out :)
It's looking good right now, *BUT* ( :( ) the weather is suppsed to get incredibly awful starting later today, and it's supposed to stay that way through saturday :( so our 'early' days may get converted into 'stay out and do nothing while the weather beats us up' days....

2011-11-20 Back into the breach! (or ocean) :p

Hola! I didn't want to leave anyone waiting, so here's my first regular spread schedule installment :) There's an awesome video here:
Of just how cool it is out here :)
The part where the chair seems to jump up is... well.. exactly what happened. I heard it fall over behind me, and when I turned to look, the ship rolled the other way and it 'fell' back up. :)

2011-11-19 There and back again :)

Well guys, it's been a fun month! Thanks again to everyone who has been writing back! It's been great to hear form everyone :) Remember to let me know if you want to stay on the mailing list for future randomness! (not that some of you won't end up on the list anyway :)
Take Care!

2011-11-18 Back to shore for a little bit :)

We're headed back to shore, but only for a little bit. After that we're headed back out :)

2011-11-17 Settling In :)

We did *another* CTD today!! (I know, the excitement never stops)
In case you missed the "what is a CTD"video the first time it's here:
*And* just so we're all working off the same numbers I'm uploading my cruise planning spreadsheet to:
The part that matters is over toward the right where it has the station arrival and departure times, I'm coloring times green as I replace estimated times with actual times. If you download iit you can play with some of the numbers and see how much changing the speed of the ship from 12 knots (which we normally do) to 7.5 knots (like we are doing now because of the weather) affects our arrival time (hint: it rhymes with smoo days and Smifteen(ish) hours..)
Have a great day out there! And I hope that the weather wherever you are lets you travel faster than 8mph :)

2011-11-16 Got a glider!

Now we're off to our next station. Things take a while when you're traveling at
13.8093534mph (12 knots) :P
The camera isn't working (I'll have to get a guy on that..) but our position still updates at:
I hope you all have a great day!

2011-11-15 Out to Sea!

Well I got my last text message for the next two weeks today, it starts off perfectly "Noooooooooo!". We're headed out into the wild blue with lots more non-stop excitement :D
Have a great day!

2011-11-14 Last day of loading

And another drive to the coast :D !
Don't forget to email to resubscribe! You know you want more! :D

2011-11-13 Awesome Friends!

And an awesome Dance Party!
Oh! We're nearing the end of the Month Of Awesome! To get future timely updates, drop me an email and I'll put you on the list :) Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading, and gold star to everyone who has been writing back!

2011-11-12 Big news!

And a special trip! :)

2011-11-11 Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans I know!! I'm starting to realize how many folks I hadn't even realized were in are veterans, Thank you all.
Also the last binary short-date of the century :( Here's hoping we're around for the next one!

2011-11-10 A Non-Office Day!

It's Veterans day! Hug a veteran!! (And don't get cut in half by any water!)

2011-11-09 A Pennny for your Resume

Wooot! A record early publishing! :D Penny stopped by the office today (along with a few friends) :D
P.S. By the time you read this it will be Thursday, wish any Marines you know a happy birthday! (You might even want to follow it up with a hug, they like those :) )

2011-11-08 Beware The Laundry Monster!

I only barely managed to escape, it was close. Also had some awesome company at work :)

2011-11-07 Ruckus!

Thanks for the All the pics! You guys are awesome!

2011-11-06 Car Day!

I was a bit busy working to take too many pictures today, but don't worry, I'll make up for it with *lots* tomorrow :D

2011-11-05 Inwisible Laser Beams and Solar Flares!

The party was awesome, and the laser beams were *the* Bomb! :D

2011-11-04 Amazing Ory-gun Weather and Spyness!

Today was great! Some good work at the boat and them home to Lazer Beams!!

Chillin' in the morning

Today was about as 'normal' as one of my days gets :) Hooray for irregular schedules! (and for things that go bang!)

Checking out the boat and pumping some Iron!

It was an extra smoky drive to Newport today and Steph and I had a great time at the gym, whilst Danielle and managed to (barely) not shoot holes in ourselves :)

A trip to the store and the Alan Parsons Project :D

I love going to home Depot! And I actually finished a project today!! Woooooooooooooooooot!!! :D

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy belated birthday to me!! (oh dear...)

Another Party!

It's another Sitts Party! WoooWooo!!! Go Pyrate Kings!! :D

Party Time!

It's a Sitts Party! And lets just not talk about how the car is doing....

Squishy Cups, Funny Electronics, And a Drag Show!

Skirts or cars? Read to find out :D

Good Day

Today was a bit laid back, but sometimes a break is nice :)

And Now For A Super Full Day!

Today was awesomely busy, and I even saw a Tiger!

Nuts and Volts

Today includes a good illustration of why I don't loose weight while on shore :)
Hope you're loving all the updates, If not, don't worry, there's more!!

Red Swingline

It's my first office day in like ever! Non-stop excitement!

P.S. Referenced in the letter:
Don't forget the mouseover text!

Shrooms and Poker

OMG - I got the dates fixed :)


Wooot! Last deployment today and back to the dock!! I filmed our last drop and yootoobed it:
(kind of unedited, you might want to skip ahead to around 6:00 when we actually put it in :) We're all at the dock and unloaded and I gets to go home tomorrow!! Woohoo!!

Thaarrrrrrs day :D

Woot! Only one day left to the cruise!!! Stay tuned for lately-broken updates!! I seem to have mixed up my days somewhere, this should be the update for the 20th, but I've been working odd hours, so tomorrow I'll send out another one for the 20th and we'll be all caught up :D

Wednesday Rocks

Hey Everybody!!
For those of you that I'm just now adding to the send to list, I've recently decided to make up for a lifetime of lack of communication by acting like my life is *really really* interesting and forcibly and lovingly mass emailing all the folks I've been forgetting to write *every* *day* for a month! Right now I'm a day or two away from the end of a cruise deploying instrument off of the west coast. You can see where I am at Don't worry! We're only on day 3, so there's *Lots* more to come! :D

P.S. Requests to be removed from the list will be met with MORE EMAIL :D

Tuesday Night :)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we're siiiiiiiiiiinkiiiiiiiing :p
Here's today's (yesterdays) installment :p

Monday Night

My day has been pretty boring just deploying ocean bottom seismographs every few hours, here's a pic of one I did at around 9pm (pdt) I'm starting to realize that my definition of boring and other folks' definition mayhaps might not be similarly calibrated, so I hereby pledge to narcissistically email out something about my day every day for the next month to make up for all the boringness I've not shared with you guys over the years :D Right now we're deploying ocean bottom seismographs all over the juan de fuca plate subduction zone. The idea is to not just record earthquakes, but to use the earthquakes as a sound source for imaging this area of the earths crust.
There's a guy out here doing a blog on the cruise:
and in case any of you missed it, I going to kick offf this month of narcissism with a video:
*Please* make sure to note the lyric:
"Dave's got the moves, the engineering skills" That's right, moves *and* skills :D
That was from a cruise that we did a few years back to monitor interactions between the columbia river and the Pac-Oceanus, it's part of an ongoing series of cruises, we just did another one a few weeks ago.

P.S. While I'm on the boat you can see where I am here: